Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Mini Night Photoshoot

Night shoot for January. It's been very warm this winter. Shots taken at around 4:30am 1/13/13. Enjoy. Be sure to book time for shoots this year.

Air Tour of Kauai Hawaii.

I took a little vacation to the garden isle of Kauai. Did a sea, land and air tour. The air tour was with Air Ventures Hawaii and I highly recommend them.

This is part of the video from the air tour from the outside go pro camera. Additional gopro footage is on the way. Check it out though.
Fixed with the remix version.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New year's resolution, Caffeine and Octane, breaking necks.

To make more blog posts.

Had Caffeine and Octane on January 6th which was cold and very eventful.  Underground racing Audi R10 (1500 hp?) was there.  A bevy of Audi's and Lambos but more than usual I would say. A Ferrari yellow Italia made an appearance also.

Pics will be up on facebook by the end of the week.

Also had a photo shoot with Import Atlanta for a Team Kaizen feature. This was the eventful part of the day. Got in a wreck from breaking necks with the Kaizen car line up. Pics and a preview.